What Others Are Saying

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“I was introduced to Longview Farms through a local health food store after purchasing a bar of soap. I was very drawn to the wholesome ingredients. Since the first purchase, I have ordered directly from their website several other bars of soap, and one of almost every other product they offer. After only a week of using the Goat’s Milk Bar Soaps, Hand Repair Cream, and Goat’s Milk Body Lotions, my hands no longer look dry and I’m very pleased the split in my cuticle has completely healed! What a pleasure that the lip balm doesn’t taste rancid like other brands you buy in the store. I wasn’t sure how the shampoo bar would effect my colored hair but I am happy to report that it is easy to use and hasn’t faded the color in the least. In my book, there are no better products out there and I can’t help but tell my friends and acquaintances about this great company. I will now exclusively purchase my soap and body products from Longview Farms. Thank you for your commitment to quality!”

– Julie, Mountlake Terrace, WA


“I’ve lived from Upper Michigan to Houston, Texas to Florida. I have tried many homemade products but by far, Longview Farm’s are some of the best I’ve had the blessing to purchase. Their natural arm deodorant is by far the best I’ve tried! Just knowing that you aren’t putting cancer causing ingredients on your body is a blessing…along with the Shampoo Bars… and if you ever get the opportunity to try their “Honeysuckle” soap”…it smells like a beautiful summer evening in the country on “Grandma’s farm”. Thank you for your beautiful products and all the hard work that goes into it. May God bless the work of your hands as you bring Him honor & Glory.”

– The King Family, MO



“My husband just used the shampoo bar for the first time a couple of days ago and doesn’t want to use anything else now! He just loved it, and he really likes that there will be no plastic bottle to throw away when it’s gone. He believes it’s better than any shampoo he has been using, including name brands from the health food store. All your products are wonderful and my favorite is the Oats, Milk, and Honey bar…but you are missing the boat not pushing that soap to middle age women! It has done more to improve the look and feel of my complexion than anything else I use. My complexion looks much better now than it did 2 years ago when I started using it to wash my face daily. I have given away many oats, milk and honey bars to friends who have been asking me what my “secret” is. I have actually even had strangers stop me to ask what I use on my face!”

– Linda, Beaver, AR


“At the age of eleven, I developed eczema on my legs. It continued for the next six years, and I tried many products, lotions and creams. Over time it grew increasingly painful, even to the point of making it difficult to walk. It seemed that nothing worked. Some gave a little relief, but nothing gave me a lasting result. When we first started purchasing Longview Farm’s Soap, I wasn’t getting it for my eczema. I just enjoyed the way they left my skin feeling so soft and moist. It didn’t take long, however, for me to notice an improvement in my eczema. The pain and nagging itchiness was decreasing. The red and dry skin began to fade. Before I knew it, it had practically disappeared! I love the these soaps, and I will surely continue to use them, along with the moisturizing Longview lotions. They have been such a blessing! Thank-you so much for making such an amazing product! The Lord has blessed your work!”

– Madison, Springfield, MO


“I just wanted to say thank you for making such wonderful soap. I buy through Azure Standard and just love it! As a mom of 6 there is very little time to spend on myself, but I found a simple way to feel a little special…I buy your soap for my shower! Sounds silly, but I truly look forward to this time everyday. I’ve bought natural soap in the past, but didn’t care for the New Age/All One suggestions on the packaging. When I saw Scripture printed on the label of your soap I was thrilled! I respect and commend you for this! So thank you for doing what you do. I hope you never stop!”

– Kirsten, Sweet Home, OR


“I have been purchasing the Herbal Fusion Shampoo Bar and a few of your goat milk soaps through our co-op supplier, Azure Standard, for some time now. I love, love, love everything I’ve tried. My daughter is a hair stylist with a natural product outlook, and she says my hair is extremely healthy. I love the soaps, especially the Cucumber Melon. My skin is nice and soft, even with winter weather and looks younger than my 60 years. I just wanted you to know your products are a blessing. Thanks!”

– Phyllis, Neola, IA


“My daughter started using your Oats, Milk & Honey soap immediately after receiving it and her face cleared up noticeably after 1 day of use and within 2 days, her complexion was markedly improved! Thank you for the excellent products!”

– Anne, St. Louis, MO


“We LOVE your products! I didn’t think my husband would ever switch away from his Lever Soap or Costco Lotion but your products did the trick! Thank you!”

-Kelly, Silverado, CA


“I am a loyal fan of the Shampoo Bars that Longview Farms produces. I always carry a bar of the shampoo with me when I travel. A few weeks ago I was on the road and had an interesting experience with it. I made a special point to wash my hands with it (I use the shampoo bar for everything!) because I was about to have a mostly finger-food meal in the car. Absentmindedly, I washed with the restroom liquid soap instead. I thought my hands were clean as a result, but decided to wash with yours to take away the chemical scent. When washing my hands with your shampoo, I noticed that the suds coming off my hands and the rinse water were surprisingly dirty. I washed my hands a third time with your soap. The suds were white and the rinse water was clear. Your soap took off dirt the artificial stuff missed. And the third washing confirmed that the dirty suds and rinse were not the soap itself or some reaction with something in the water. It certainly cannot be said that natural soaps (especially Longview Farm’s) can’t match the cleaning power of chemical detergents–yours far exceeds it!”

– Aaron, The Dalls, OR


“I have been meaning to tell you that your soap has been a real blessing to us! One day, sort of by accident, I found out that it works REALLY well for taking “mustard stains” out of baby clothes…if you know what I mean. It is truly AMAZING! Nothing that I have used compares…even treating it with various stain removers. Armed with that knowledge, I made some dry laundry detergent using one of your bars of soap. I am very pleased with it. Thanks! God has blessed your products and they are fabulous!”

– Amber, Springfield, MO


“Since I have very oily skin, I have always been afraid of lotions, until I tried the Calendula Crème Night Cream! I have finally found a lotion that truly hydrates my skin. With the Night Cream, my skin is actually less oily and wonderfully soft! I love it!”

– Tara, Ava, MO


“I am very impressed with the Pure and Fresh Laundry Bar! I tried using Tide, Oxi- Clean, and even Bleach to remove a grape juice stain on my favorite shirt and nothing would take it out…until I tried the Laundry Bar! It completely removed the stain! Thank you!!”

– Kristy, Ava, MO


“I have been using Longview Farm’s Goat Milk Soaps for 10 years and so enjoy how it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized! The fragrance it puts in my bathroom is wonderful!! –And the Shampoo is exceptional, leaving my hair clean and shiny!”

– Connie, Sun Lakes, AZ


“I just love using Frizz Knot! It works so well for my thick curly hair.”

– Kendra, Mansfield, MO


“Glancing in the mirror one morning, I was shocked to see a beet red color on my lips! The next morning this vivid color had spread to me chin and cheeks! Though not unbearably sore, some would say my face looked like that of a “scalded dog”! My dermatologist said “Some lip balms react this way- throw yours away!” After several applications of a cortisone based salve, the ugly stuff went away. I decided to apply Vaseline but it made my lips peel! Finally, the wonderful discovery of the Beeswax Lip Balm from Longview Farms proved to successfully end my problems, and has for more than a year!”

– Lloyd (90 years old!), Oak Harbor, WA


“My wife and I consider ourselves connoisseurs of healthy body-care products. With that said, we use all of Longview Farms’ products, love them to pieces, and have yet to find another comparable brand!! Everything is top quality, healthy, and we’re especially fond of the goat’s milk soaps and shampoo bars! They smell absolutely incredible. Without hesitation we’d recommend everything they sell.”

– Jeremy, Nottinghill, MO