Raspberry Zip

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Clean sour lemon swirled with ripe summer raspberries…need we say more?  You’ll love the fruitiness and freshness of this soap.  Created with our original creamy goat’s milk base, this bar is ready to moisturize and renew your skin…and the yummy scent will stay with you, reminding you of happy summer days…

NOTE: We’re offering these bars at a discount as they are running thinner than our normal bar size.


-100% Pure Olive, Palm, and Coconut Oil  -No Filler Products -Skin Moisturizing and Rejuvenating Goat’s Milk -No Preservatives

Ingredients: saponified olive, palm, and coconut oil, goat’s milk, raw beeswax, grapefruit seed extract, homegrown herbs, and a proprietary blend of essential and natural fragrance oils

Handcrafted Purity Without Compromise

1 review for Raspberry Zip

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    This is my favorite product!

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