Winterberry Woods Soy Candle

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“Lots and lots of berries!”

“Like a vintage Boutique!”

“Makes me want to take a walk in the woods…”

The first receptions this candle got were enthusiastically welcoming.  We think you’ll love our Winterberry Woods pure soy candle, too!

With the clean burning effects of pure soy wax–no paraffin– and our self-trimming cotton wicks, our healthy candles  have the lead.  To this natural base we’ve added the warm juicy notes of huckleberry & black raspberry, bits of musk and moss, a thread of Siberian Fir, and sprinkled it with a dash of spice!

Add the cozy notes of wintertime with this truly delightful candle!

1 review for Winterberry Woods Soy Candle

  1. Christina

    I love this candle! Has a homey and cozy smell with a tad of winteryness in it.

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