Awapuhi Seaberry

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Awapuhi Seaberry is Hawaiian for White Ginger Flower..this bar is a real delight for senses and skin with our tropical oils and creamy goat’s milk! We never tire of this reviving blend of sea air, juicy berries, and salty waves! A unique and delightful experience.

NOTE: We’re offering these bars at a discount as they are running thinner than our normal bar size.


-100% Pure Olive, Palm, and Coconut Oil -No Filler Products -Skin Moisturizing and Rejuvenating Goat’s Milk -No Preservatives

Ingredients: saponified olive, palm, and coconut oil, goat’s milk, raw beeswax, grapefruit seed extract, natural mineral pigments, natural fragrance oil blend

Handcrafted Purity Without Compromise

1 review for Awapuhi Seaberry

  1. Newsletter Team

    Top Favorite! So clean

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