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Fall Savings!

Happy Fall Everyone!

We’d love to get our ratings and reviews up, so we’re putting out a special offer….
~ Rate & review 5 products and receive a 15% off coupon for your next order
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~ Rate & review 20+ products and receive a 40% off coupon for you next order
This offer is good through the end of 2023 and there is no limit per customer.
Thanks everybody!  We sure appreciate you all,
The Team at Longview Farms
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“Fall” in Love with our Pure Products

Fall is in the air!…..And so is a promo code from Longview Farms…

With school and harvest in full swing, all our fall schedules are sometimes busier than we’d like, and it’s nice to get little help…

  • Our soothing Goat’s Milk Soap is ready to do just that–assisting with any of your family’s eczema or dry skin issues….
  • Our Chemical-Free Goat’s Milk Lotions are ready to authentically moisturize….
  • Nourishing Face Serums are ready to add a fresh glow of health and youth as the summer sun fades…..
  • And our Pure Soy Candles are ready to create that cozy fall atmosphere with their healthy clean burn…

So welcome the beautiful fall with a gift from Longview Farms-

Take 10% off your next order (valid until 9-16-22) with the promo code:


From all of us at Longview Farms

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Revive Face Serum Joins Renew Face Serum in the Quest for Youthful Glow

Revive Face Serum is here to join Renew Face Serum!  Just what you need whether you’re sunburned or dry from the winter cold.  “Renew” is a winner for skin that needs a re-boost, while not risking clogging pours with oils, while “Revive” is a sure-to-please intensive moisturizer, ready to bring smooth elasticity.   Packed with every oil and nutrient for radiant skin, you’re face is destined to shine!

All you need is a couple drops to cover your whole face…and be ready to glow!

~Both on sale for the month of June~

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April Special!!

APRIL SPECIAL!!!! For those of you who have enjoyed the products of our hands, we’d love to have your ratings on our website!  Please give us a star (or 4 or 5) on any product that you’ve been impressed with.  For the month of April, anyone who rates 10+ products will be sent a gift of 5 FREE bars of our beautiful goat’s milk soaps!  Please help us let others know about our products!

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Happy Spring

Happy Spring Everybody!  If you’re feeling like us, you’re running a little behind as life starts calling your attention in every direction at once!  That’s when a little gift from Longview Farms can bring that peaceful, fresh, “on-top-of-it” feeling into your home…

Treat yourself to one of our Spring Zest candles–Or our Fresh Lavender–Or Sweet Honeysuckle!  They’ll weave fresheness into every room…Pick a few of our freshest smelling goat’s milk soaps–they’ll leave the bathroom or kitchen with a clean scent of fresah air!

Try a goat’s milk body lotioand you’ll walk in the sensation of spring all the time!

Welcome spring with our 15% OFF coupon code on your next order:

SPRINGTIME (Expires 5-1-19)

 Enjoy a Blessed and Beautiful Spring!  The Team at Longview Farms

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Pink Camo is ready for Valentines!

Pink Camo is ready for Valentines!

So beautiful -so country -so girl!

Are you a country girl or a “wanta be” country girl?  We are thrilled to introduce you to our intriguing NEW Pink Camo Goat’s Milk Soap! It receives squeals of delight wherever it goes with its stunning mineral pigment presentation…

With Valentines around the corner, it makes a perfect little gift to say “I love you” to Mom, Grandma, Auntie, Sister or friend…

We’re offering it early so you can make sure it gets to them in time!  Order before February 1st for guranteed arrival before the 14th ~

And if you haven’t had a chance to look at our NEW Baby Cheeks Goat’s Milk Body Lotion, you can now!  It’s been welcomed with pure delight as it smells “just like baby”…

So just a couple ideas from Longview Farms …We hope you enjoy!

The Team at Longview Farms

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New Year–New Products–New Gift to You!

Welcome to a New Year!

The team at Longview Farms would like to offer a “thank you” gift to you–our incredible customer!

Take 10% off your next order with the promo code (Valid through 1-10-19):



 3 NEW Products at Longview Farms!

January doesn’t often come with balmy 70 degree days that leave your skin feeling great! If your lips are feeling chapped, you might want to check out our exciting NEW Beeswax Lip Balm,

Cucumber Melon Beeswax Lip Balm 

Incredibly soothing, juicy and delicious, it’s actually made with 100% real fruit extracts–No fragrances or even essential oils–Try it!

We also pretty excited about our NEW Goat’s Milk Body Lotion,

Baby Cheeks Goat’s Milk Lotion

Maybe you’ve tried our goat’s milk soap bar with this title and really liked it? Well, here’s a lotion to complete the experience…truly delightful!  Very delicate and mild, but -oh- so soft! This beautiful lotion with it’s sister, Baby Cheeks Goat’s Milk Soap make a PERFECT baby gift, too…

Just food for thought..

We also want to let you know that we now offer Longview Farm’s Gift Cards

If you know someone who likes beautiful, handcrafted, healthy products, but don’t know their exact tastes–this is the perfect answer! 

So welcome to a New Year everybody! And remember, Longview Farms keeps your skin healthy, moisturized and renewed -even when the sun’s not shining!

The Team at Longview Farms

Psst……Coming soon for Valentine’s Day is our NEW Girl’s Goat Milk Soap Bar….PINK CAMO! Watch it by February 1st….
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NEW Soy Candle Winterberry Woods and other winter sales

Welcome to wintertime everyone!  With the cooler days outside, we have some products to make the inside of your home warm and cozy…

We’re pretty excited about our new soy candle, Winterberry Woods…it’s loaded with juicy berries, blended with Siberian fir and sprinkled with spice, making it unbelievably delightful! Check it out HERE

Our Cinnamon Sticks Goat’s Milk soap is ON SALE NOW and ready to lend it’s powerfully delicious aromas of warmth to your home…

An inviting blend of pure cinnamon and reviving peppermint is our Serenity Goat’s Milk Soap…let it add the touches of cozy winter with it’s artistic beauty… it’s also ON SALE NOW

CALLING all COFFEE LOVERS……Our French Espresso Goat’s Milk Bar has now been infused with a bolder coffee essence and is an amazing experience!  Try it while it’s ON SALE…

Remember our Beeswax Lip Balms soothe those cracked lips!  Each infused with  real fruit or essential oils, they’re the perfect size for pocket or purse…

Give your face some relief, too, with our Goat’s milk Face Cream –it’s ready to penetrate dry flaky skin…

And last but not least–Our Peppermint Foot Cream is a real treat for those cold tired feet!  It’s the antidote for a long cold day…


So welcome to winter everybody…no need for dry or cracked hands, sore tired feet, dry faces or chapped lips…and you can cozy up in your home with some beautiful touches of winter warmth…

From Longview Farms

<<<<And here’s the promo code for  10% off $35 or more:

Welcomewinter    (Valid through 11-28-18)

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Welcome Fall


Falling leaves, cooler evenings, time to harvest the pumpkins…must be the season for some spice!

Our Cinnamon Sticks Soy Candle is ready to light!  Fill your home with the warm cozy sensations of fall…

Pumpkin Spice Goat’s Milk Soap is the perfect scent of autumn and starts wetting your appetite for pumpkin pie with its notes of nutmeg, cloves, ginger and cinnamon ….


Coconut Almond, Ginger Pear, Sweet Marbled Orange, and French Espresso Goat’s Milk Soaps are ready to add their twists of beauty & warmth to your home.

Welcome the aromas of autumn…

And the best part of it all…….they are all ON SALE!!

Also, be sure to use the 10% off coupon code:  seasonsofspice on your next order of $35 or more! (Valid thru 10-21-18)

Let Longview Farm’s help you welcome fall into your home!